Above: Scene from Episode 2 of De Roltrap.

My name is Huub Koch. I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in Europe. I am a senior creative designer, a creative director and a design entrepeneur since 2004. My roots are in graphic and webdesign, multimedia, advertising, art, photography, stage design and publishing.

I started videoblogging on the 3rd of May 2006. And did a lot of research upon the subject and wrote about it on my blog (Dutch Language). Five of my Essays are now part of a book about Videoblogging (Called: Web-TV) which has been published in The Netherlands in 2008. Since Januari 2008 I started a videoblogging-project called De Roltrap (The Escalator in English). For Semanal 2008 (Now offline) I’ve been posting all kind of Vlogs including De Roltrap and other movies at The Weekly Vlog.

The News is: De Roltrap is still alive and going strong in 2012!

Since 1999, I pondered the nature of content, the attitude of being personal, and the gentle art of creating good vibrations. The results of these reflections can be found at http://www.huubkoch.com which is my personal website (English). My Company is named Zichtbare Zaken, which means Visible Matters or Visible Values. My blog (in Dutch) and my companysite (in Dutch) resides at http://www.zichtbarezaken.nl. I work for small business owners and professionals in all paths of life.

You can Twitter me at http://twitter.com/huubkoch

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