Videoblogger Testimonials in the Trailer

Carlos Durango | Vlog Internacional: Its great Video.
Raymond M. Christiansen | DLTQ: Kick-Ass video. Very Inspiring Use of Escalator Footage. I Love Escalators.
Steve Garfield | Get Seen | Online Video Secrets: Very Cool. I Like Escalator Videos.
Schlomo Rabinowitz | Co-Founder at Throwdown.FM: Awesome videos. Just ran into your site. Great stuff. Really smart theme. Subscribed.
Milt Lee | Hollowbone Films: I really like the word Roltrap. What a perfect word. It describes exactly what an escalator does and yet it’s Dutch.
Pepa Garcia | PEPA.TV: Great Concept. I Love It.
Sam Remseiw | Patalab: Can’t beat the roltrap’s meta-walk… great…
Frank Carver | MakeVideo: I was not sure it was possible, but these escalator pieces are finally growing on me. After having been merely baffled by previous weeks I found myself actually enjoying this one. Bizarre. But Keep Posting.
28juli1969 | Vlogger: Simplement génial, merci.
Remondo | Developer: Man. Man. Man. I Am heavily impressed by these roltrap movies. Great work.
Debbie Bernasco | Creative Director: A Work of Art. Exciting.
Jimi Bogdanov | Waywave: Le projet Roltrap: Magnifique.

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Carlos Durango |
Raymond M. Kristiansen |
Steve Garfield |
Schlomo Rabinowitz |
Milt Lee |
Pepa Garcia |
Sam Remseiw |
Frank Carver |
Debbie Bernasco |
Jimi Bogdanov |

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