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As a videoblogger, you can make movies about everyday life or take the lead role, but designers (myself included) use video as a laboratory for artistic experiments. My fascination for the Escalator-themed issue arose on the basis of previous research on important sources of inspiration. On my English website I appointed as my main sources: Friends, People, Experiences, Places and Things.

An escalator is a place. A place or location where many different types of human behavior take place, much more than you might think. I make movies about that behavior. Couleur Locale is also a very important point here. There are so many, short, long, modern and old escalators, which are made from all kinds of materials that you’re able to say that every escalator is unique.

Tros Newsshow (Dutch Radio) bunch came, in the context of the issue Standing right on the Escalator after they discovered my Videoblogseries The Escalator on the internet. And asked me several questions: Did you make the movies yourself? And Why? Here are my answers:

The Videoblog De Roltrap consists of several components. Movies that I shot myself, movies I’ve collected on the internet and of whom I selected fragments, movies I get sent by fans of the series from around the world. I then assemble all these fragments like a collage of moving images, music, text, sound and effects, which creates a new video story where the world of the escalator is central.

The Escalator (De Roltrap) is a project created by my activities as a designer and communications expert and the research I did about video on the Internet. My reviews were published on my weblog and in the form of five essays in the book Web TV, edited by Bob Timroff. It was published in 2008.

During that research I came across several video pioneers of the Yahoo Video blogging Group and a movie on an escalator by Sam Renseiw. This inspired me to choose the escalator as subject and theme for my video blog to use.

The width of an escalator, in the context of Standing right on the escalator, is an important issue. The point is that in practice it is only feasible if an escalator is wide enough to pass easily with others. In old English and modern Chinese instructional videos on riding escalators, passing another on escalators is discouraged. When you get too far from the center of an escalator to the side, many dangerous accidents can happen. The whole issue is also a sign of the times. People are in a hurry and think they can win time by walking or running on the escalator. Whether that is wise is the question. An escalator that is used incorrectly can be a real killer.

That escalators have a worldwide popularity is reflected in the comments on my videos. Some of my videos have been shown by VJ Jurr Cornelissen at The Departure Hall of Imagination, during Sonsbeek organized by Je Reve De Grandeur in Arnhem. I have now made 33 episodes and the end is nowhere in sight. More information about Live screenings of The Escalator at Blog-Art, Dropstuff and Dutch Video Art under The Stars can be found on The Roltrap Live page.

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